Change log – NodeCore v1.0
Screenshot from 2017-03-13 14-32-18

Screenshot from 2017-03-13 14-32-18


After months of bug fixing we’ve gone live with NodeCore version 1.0. While most of the improvements are under the hood, the most prominent new feature is the ability to add and remove apps from the shortcuts bar.

  • Shortcuts bar – The shortcut bar on the left can now have apps and modules added and removed by right clicking on the relevant icons. Users are also able to sort the order of the shortcuts with drag and drop.
  • Bug fixes – With this release, more than any before it, many bugs were fixed.
  • Module icons – Notifications generated by other NodeCore modules now include the icon of that module in the message snippet.
  • Rich text edits – When editing messages that have already been sent, users now have all the rich text tools that are available for new messages.
  • Shortcuts – Along with the new shortcuts bar users are able to manage their shortcuts from within the Settings module.
  • Employee renamed – The Employee module has been renamed to the Users module as a first step in allowing non-employees to be added as NodeCore users.
  • Session history – Administrators are now able to track a user’s NodeCore session history.
  • More notifications – Requests now send notifications when changes are made.
Posted on: March 22, 2017, by : Andrew Craucamp