Change log – Beta 20

This is a fairly significant milestone for NodeCore with the release of the Requests module and a number of technological upgrades such as the implementation of the HTML5 History API. In just over a year NodeCore has gone from being a simple Messaging and Contacts system to being a sophisticated tool for employees and managers. We will be beta testing and bug fixing thoroughly over the coming weeks to ensure that NodeCore is the rock solid platform it ought to be. All NodeCore subscribers now have access to the changes listed below, we encourage all users to email us at with any feedback they may have.

Multiple Modules
  • Implemented Local Storage – Unsent messages and replies will now be restored when you next visit the page. This is to protect against unexpected disconnections like power cuts or browser crashes.
  • Implemented Browser History API – The browser’s back button is now a friend of NodeCore rather than an enemy and works as one would expect it to. Additionally all back buttons in NodeCore now use the history stack instead of hard-coding the navigation.
  • Bug fixes – Numerous small bugs affecting the system have been fixed.
  • Requests Module Added – Requests fits seamlessly into the NodeCore infrastructure and should make task tracking a little easier for management.
  • Added Custom Icons – Users can now set QuickNote icons and colours.
  • Keyboard Shortcut – Ctrl + s now saves a QuickNote.
  • Added Web App Store – NodeCore now includes a store of web apps to add to one’s list of apps. We will be periodically adding apps to the store, if you have any suggestions for web apps we should add please send them through to
  • Web Apps more app-like – Web apps now look and behave more like apps than links.
  • Module linking – Messages generated by other NodeCore modules are now definitively linked to their respective modules for ease of navigation.
  • Send Confirmation – Sending messages and replies now displays a confirmation box to reaffirm that the send was successful.
Posted on: June 22, 2015, by : Andrew Craucamp