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Change log – NodeCore v1.0

  After months of bug fixing we’ve gone live with NodeCore version 1.0. While most of the improvements are under the hood, the most prominent new feature is the ability to add and remove apps from the shortcuts bar. System Shortcuts bar – The shortcut bar on the left can now have apps and modules […]


Change log – Beta 27

The primary objective in this release was to redesign the navigation system to reduce the number of pages you have to go through to get to the one you want. System Navigation menu – The top right menu on the page now includes all NodeCore modules and sub-features. Navigation bar – On every page that […]

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Bitcoin: Get three months free NodeCore

To promote the addition of Bitcoin as a payment method for NodeCore subscriptions, we’ve decided to give three months free access to all subscribers who pay their September fees in Bitcoin. Additionally, any new subscribers who sign up before the end of the year and pay for their first full month in Bitcoin, will receive the next three months free. […]


Change log – Beta 25

The latest version of NodeCore comes with numerous under-the-hood bug fixes and code tweaks. There are also a few new features to look forward to particularly with the Requests system. System Code clean up – We streamlined all our frontend code to deliver NodeCore faster and more efficiently. Bug fixes – We fixed a number of interface bugs and […]


Change log – Beta 20

This is a fairly significant milestone for NodeCore with the release of the Requests module and a number of technological upgrades such as the implementation of the HTML5 History API. In just over a year NodeCore has gone from being a simple Messaging and Contacts system to being a sophisticated tool for employees and managers. […]