NodeCore is a business operating system designed to keep internal operations tight. With secure, seamless communications at its core, your NodeCore deployment is a collaboration platform that promotes cohesive interaction and improves overall company productivity.



Our interface developers are adept in modern design techniques which are used to streamline the user experience and reduce cognitive effort. This gives users comfort and confidence when using the software and allows them to stay focused.

Designed for mobile

Whether you’re using a notebook, a tablet or even a smartphone, NodeCore is ready for the mobile workstation era. Employees stay connected whether they’re at the office or out in the field.

Platform independent

NodeCore is built using open web standards, avoiding proprietary lock-in. The freedom to choose your operating system and web browser gives you control over software licensing and hardware costs.


Although we use web technologies to deliver NodeCore, it is a full fledged software suite. Since NodeCore’s heavy lifting is done on our servers, your system requirements are at an absolute minimum. Any device that can run an HTML5 web browser, will run NodeCore.

Data confidence

Your NodeCore data is practically immune to the traditional problem of workstation failure or theft. You no longer need to worry about backing up data or reinstalling software, we handle the IT work so you can focus on your business.


We adhere to trusted international security practices such as hashed passwords and access logging. We also use a unique form of encapsulation to keep subscriber deployments separate from one another. That means if one NodeCore subscriber is compromised, other subscribers remain secure.


Our servers reside with reputable local service providers and not on global server farms like Amazon EC2 or Microsoft Azure which are prime targets for hackers, corporate espionage and government surveillance.

Minimum Requirements

Internet speed – 1Mbps

Recommended – 2Mbps

NodeCore will still work on a slower connection but it may seem unresponsive at times or behave erratically. 2Mbps will ensure a smooth experience. Check your internet speed here: SpeedOf.Me

Device width – 320 pixels

Recommended – 384 pixels

NodeCore runs best on a desktop or laptop but smartphones are supported too. Most smartphones display web content at around 384 pixels in portrait orientation. Certain phones like iPhones limit the content to 320 pixels. We’ve made sure that even at 320 pixels you’ll be able to use NodeCore without any limitations.

Web browser – HTML5 support

Most modern web browsers already support HTML5 and will handle NodeCore without a problem. However, some browsers like Internet Explorer are not fully HTML5 compliant and should be avoided. Here is a list of browsers we recommend for NodeCore.


Highly Recommended

Desktop: Windows, OS X, Ubuntu
Mobile: Android, iOS


Desktop: Windows, OS X, Ubuntu
Mobile: Android, Firefox OS


Desktop: Windows, OS X, Ubuntu
Mobile: Android, iOS, Windows Mobile




Up to 6 users
    • Access all modules
    • Access to Support
    • Unlimited Employees
per month
(R85 per user per month)



Above 6 users
    • Access all modules
    • Access to Support
    • Unlimited Employees



Above 12 users
    • Access all modules
    • Access to Support
    • Unlimited Employees



Above 24 users
    • Access all modules
    • Access to Support
    • Unlimited Employees