Move your business into the cloud and put an end to the limitations of the traditional desktop workstation. Thin-client architecture means that employees are able to work wherever the business takes them, on whatever device they have access to.

Allow your business to scale efficiently. Ensure that proper procedures are being followed and keep track of what’s going on internally as your business grows. The standard NodeCore suite includes secure internal messaging, HR management, contact management and task tracking. NodeCore also includes a Web App Store with a number of productivity apps preinstalled.

Some examples of the available Web Apps include Microsoft Office 365, Google Docs, Evernote, Dropbox, Microsoft One Drive, Whatsapp, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Maps, SARS eFiling, Sage One Pastel Accounting, South African internet banking apps and many more.

Marlize Nel - CEO, Down to Earth CareBeing able to access all my work information from one system lets me manage my business more effectively.
Gunther Becker - CEO, B&I EngineeringNodecore allows me to run my business from any location, I'm no longer as office bound as I used to be.
Edidt Wittrin - CFO, Iref InvestmentsMy administration has been reduced and keeping track of staff is made easy – I also love the instant access to all the banks and SARS eFiling.
Martha Kleynhans - Operations Manager, Lavish Natural SkincareProjects and tasks are effortlessly managed and tracked, and communication within our company is improved through the messaging system.
Andrew Craucamp - CEO, InvolgoThe Requests module was built to track tasks internally at Involgo. We greatly underestimated it's usefulness, it's been a real boon for us.